It’s Time to Take ACTION – eDues is Here!  

The Florida Legislature voted to outlaw public employer payroll deductions for union members Wednesday and we expect the Governor to sign it soon. We will no longer be able to pay union dues through our paychecks, a benefit workers have had in Florida for over 40 years, and to keep our contract we must maintain 60% membership. (Note that police, fire and corrections officers are excluded from these new “protections”). We have a plan to save our union and control our own fate, no matter what politicians throw at us!

We are very excited to invite you to join our new union eDues system! eDues is a new mechanism for payment of your union dues through direct bank draft transfer that you can set up on the same schedule as your current regular deductions from your paycheck. UFF is partnering with the Florida Education Association (FEA) to offer eDues to members through Plaid, a third-party technology platform that facilitates communication between your bank account and your union’s bank account to complete an ACH payment (The Automated Clearing House network).

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