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Annual and Promotion Credit

This flyer encourages involvement in our UFF-SCF union chapter. If you use our work on your annual eval and promotion materials and your Chair or Dean take issue in any way, please contact me so I can visit and explain to him/her the laws that govern the state of Florida regarding professional organizations and professorial acknowledgment - Courtney

Faculty Union Award of Distinction

We are excited to announce that the Second Union Award of Distinction was awarded to Nicolette Mason. She received a plaque and a monetary award for her contribution to the academic field. This is an exciting opportunity for our chapter faculty to be recognized for their achievements. We will post a photo of Nicolette receiving her plaque on our webpage and on our social media site. Attached are her nomination materials. Please congratulate Nicolette on being our second award recipient. We would like to thank the committee who read through the nominations and all who submitted materials for the award. Please continue to monitor our webpage for details regarding how to apply for the next union award of distinction. Faculty Union Award of Distinction
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